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My name is Eduard Hamamjian and I'm the Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer of GeaSphere. GeaSphere Advisors is a Registered Investment Advisor Firm providing elite wealth management services. We make investing easy by helping people to better manage and grow their wealth through smarter technology and personal services. Our mission is to provide our clients with a clear mind over money philosophy for achieving desired investment results.

I am a serial entrepreneur having worked both in the corporate world and owned and operated multiple businesses including restaurants, Tax office franchises, coffee shops and real estate ventures to name a few. These ventures and my corporate experiences have been the foundation for the unique perspective we bring to the portfolio management world.

At Gea Sphere we are excited to announce our new investment option, Alpha Dog ETF. We created the Alpha Dog ETF to bring the best strategies for investing to the average investor. Own the best stocks in our opinion and sleep comfortable knowing we will act if needed to protect the portfolio. The Alpha Dog ETF goal is to become the go to strategy to grow and maintain your wealth. This strategy has been the primary portfolio management model in separately managed accounts across our client base for the past eleven years. The strategy is not theoretical but a tried-and-true active management for our ever-growing clients. Our clients own The Alpha Dog new economy stocks, but The Alpha Dog strategically hedges the portfolios to keep the volatility acceptable to a wide variety of clients.

As a business owner I believe every person has the right to pursue happiness, prosperity and safety. I believe in freedom and equal opportunity for all. Success is the by-product of hard work and calculated risk, and every person should have the same opportunity to succeed and to fail. I want my legacy to be that I leveled the playing field for all.

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Our Independence Is Your Advantage

At GeaSphere Advisors we recognize the importance of our fiduciary responsibility to provide you with prudent investment management and unbiased advice. As an independent advisory firm, we focus solely on serving your needs and acting in your best interest always. This provides you with the confidence you seek to pursue financial success on your terms.

We have no obligations to investment product manufacturers and no cross-sell quotas or home-office directives that may lead to conflicts of interest. Instead, we spend our time developing customized solutions for the unique challenges you face which serves to keep your best interests in focus at all times.

GeaSphere uses Schwab Institutional for custodial services, including the generation of client account statements, access to industry-leading technology and trade clearing services.

These firms provide a comprehensive array of tools and resources to Registered Investment Advisors, enabling us to focus on providing you with the objective financial guidance, sophisticated investment strategies and personal service you seek from your advisors.

Eduard Hamamjian

As Managing Director of GeaSphere LLC, Eduard over-sees the construction, research, and management of the GeaSphere investment portfolios. Eduard is an Accredited Asset Management Specialist (AAMS) with 23 years of demonstrated experience researching and constructing portfolios for the benefit of his investors. Eduard has developed and implemented various proprietary strategies used in the research, construction and management of the GeaSphere portfolios. His unique diversification method alongside his proprietary stock valuation philosophy gives Eduard’s investment management system uncompromising value and provides true piece of mind for his many investors.

As Human Resources Manager, Mr. Hamamjian is responsible for prospecting and training new talent, including (but not necessarily limited to), insurance agents, administrative personnel, and affiliated financial and estate planning professionals as necessary.

Mr. Hamamjian studied political and moral philosophy and the history of ideas, having earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy from Salve Regina University in Newport, Rhode Island (2009) and an interdisciplinary Master of Arts degree in the ‘Great Books’ of the Western canon from St. John’s College in Annapolis, Maryland (2012). Mr. Hamamjian has taught collegiate level courses at Salve Regina University, Roger Williams University, and the Community College of Rhode Island.

Mr. Hamamjian’ s previously taught courses encompass a wide range of interdisciplinary topics in the social sciences and humanities, including: survey of Western Civilization (with primary sources); United States history; Classical, Christian, Modern, and Post-Modern philosophical classics; and English composition. As a scholar, Mr. Hamamjian’ s intellectual interests are rooted in the connection between theory and practice in philosophy; the concept of natural law or right; and the history of philosophical discourse ranging from Plato to Machiavelli, theologians of Antiquity and the Middle Ages to critics such as Nietzsche, and beyond.

As a financial professional, Mr. Hamamjian remains constantly vigilant to the effects of policy upon commerce and politics domestically and abroad while regularly presenting his research to the Firm.

For leisure and personal fulfillment, Mr. Hamamjian enjoys playing classical guitar, compiling research on historical topics of interest, sailing, environmental conservation, and responsible sportsmanship generally.

Mr. Hamamjian actively participates in the social activities of the Rhode Island Yacht Club and the Highland Rod and Gun Sportsmen’s Club in his beloved home state of Rhode Island. George is happily married and resides in Warwick, RI with his wife, a few of his favorite guitars, and lots of books about nothing.

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