Opportunity has little to do with luck

Are you doing as well as you could be?

As an owner, you're already forced to wear lots of different hats just to keep the business running, but creating the lifestyle and the retirement you want out of the business you've built - this is more than just another hat to put on.

There are more details and complexities in your wealth than there is time to manage it all. That's why we find many owners don't realize how much better they could be doing financially.

When the proper time and expertise are applied, you can begin to channel capital from your business to build up reliable retirement income, consistent cash flow and long-term growth. We provide the steps to do just that.

"It's not what you make, but what you keep,

that matters. To help close the gap between

the two, it takes a coordinated approach."'

With an integrated approach, opportunity presents itself.

Owners have distinct financial needs in a range of disciplines. Not the least of these is tax, which is at the root of most liquidity and cash flow challenges.

We work with your current accountant as well as our own network of wealth planning specialists to create tax-efficient income from the revenue and sale of your business. In addition to specialized solutions and a strong investment track record, we also provide tools and online platforms to help you gain clarity quickly.

Our services and features include:

  • Cash flow and investment tax strategy coordinated with your CPA

  • Premium financing for tax-free retirement income

  • eMoney online platform providing a real-life picture of your wealth

  • Segregated accounts for customized investing

  • GeaSphere Analysis System designed to select well-researched, stable investments

  • Estate planning integrated with your wealth strategies

  • 401(k), defined benefits and insurance structures to help build your retirement

"Opportunity has little to do with luck. We work to

make sure all the pieces are in place to maximize your

opportunities for growth, tax savings and cash flow."

The GeaSphere Planning Process

There are a lot of moving parts to your finances, but if you're able to look at them all together, opportunities present themselves to grow and save your wealth. Our process is about finding opportunities to improve your cash flow now and through retirement.

STEP 1 Value Presentation
We meet with you, your accountant and our planners to present our service. We then begin to map out the cash flow and savings you'll need to support your lifestyle and your retirement.

STEP 2 Full Wealth Analysis
From your asset allocation to your succession and estate plans, we initiate the analysis and plan development processes with a focus on maximizing your tax-free income.

STEP 3 Real-Time Profile
Your segregated account is opened, and you are presented with a current picture of your finances through our 24/7 online platform, which will serve as a resource for you as it is developed and updated over time.

STEP 4 Active Support
We provide ongoing support and active investment management, and we remain in contact with your accountant to ensure our timing and strategies are in

After 27 years in business, we know what works. We put so much energy into maintaining strong relationships with our clients, and with their accountants, because we know how vital this is to keeping their wealth on track