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Comprehensive Rules-Based Model Portfolios for Every Investor

Performance illustrated in Gea Sphere Model Portfolio fact sheets are of the models only and *not* of client accounts.  Clients' returns can be more or less than the fact sheet returns depending on many factors' Fact sheets should only be used to compare investing strategies and risk profiles. Some models characterize back-tested results and not actual returns.
Clients should not rely solely on fact sheets to determine investing strategies and risk profiles for investing decisions. Gea Sphere recommends the free risk assessment tool at the top of the page to help determine the proper model portfolio based on your risk numbers matched to the model portfolio risk assessment. (Calculated independently) for each model portfolio. Always talk to your Financial Advisor, CPA, and Estate Planning Attorney before making final investment decisions. Contact Gea Sphere Advisors for additional information on the definition of model portfolios and other terms and conditions. *Not FDIC Insured* May Lose Value* Not Bank Guaranteed*. *Past performance is no guarantee of future results*.