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China Produces More Cars Than The U.S. – Global Trade

Just as the U.S. auto industry mushroomed after WW II and during the 1950s, the same is occurring in China. It’s not just Chinese branded automobiles that are being made in China, but well known foreign brands as well. As the demand for cars has skyrocketed in China over the past two decades, foreign manufacturers recognized an expanding market and started producing their own brands within the country in order to sell directly to Chinese drivers.

Foreign manufacturers have found it more profitable and feasible to manufacture cars in China in order to meet exploding demand. German, American, and Japanese automakers now populate the manufacturing lines in China.

Chinese brands such as SAIC Motor, Dongfeng, BYD, Geely, and FAW have become household names throughout China, helping to popularize them and compete against well known foreign brands. Several joint ventures forged between foreign auto-makers and Chinese manufacturers have ramped up production as demand has increased. The history of China’s auto industry began with the involvement of the former Soviet Union in the 1950’s when the two countries collaborated on manufacturing and economic ideals.

The world’s current largest auto producers span four continents with auto exports heading to multiple countries. Following the second world war, industry in Japan and Germany grew with automobiles becoming key exports. Ironically, several foreign manufacturers have various models produced in the United States, while some U.S. auto companies produce models directly in China and Mexico.

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