The stock selection process is based on the analysis of profitable U.S.-based companies utilizing strict price to free cash flow guidelines. The relationship of free cash flow to the multiple of the stock price is measured to determine whether the selected stock is invested in the GeaSphere model portfolio.

In structuring the portfolio, risk (beta) is reduced in various ways. Specifically, equities are purchased in pairs of low correlating asset classes as measured by historical price to free cash flow relationship and its impact on the equity valuations.

Further, the buying focus is on equities of bullish sectors of U.S. markets. This discipline forces the purchase of stocks that benefit from larger market and economic trends.

The selected equities are further evaluated using our proprietary combination of technical and fundamental analysis before the final weighted parameters are applied. This enhances the potential returns by adding the critical timing elements to our buy/sell equation.



YTD: GeaSphere Core: 3.85 | S&P 500: 1.79

1-Year: GeaSphere Core: 20.48 | S&P 500: 17.41

2-Year: GeaSphere Core: 5.99 | S&P 500: 6.87

3-Year: GeaSphere Core: 6.10 | S&P 500: 8.53

5-Year: GeaSphere Core: 12.99 | S&P 500: 11.66

10-Year: GeaSphere Core:    -    | S&P 500: 4.71

15-Year: GeaSphere Core:     -    | S&P 500: 4.79

Since Inception: GeaSphere Core: 12.46 | S&P 500: 11.09